Adam Kissiah Wins World Ability Award

Adam Kissiah with the World Ability Award trophy

World Ability Award Gala

On July 30, 2004, the 2004 World Ability Awards Gala began in the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. Hundreds of industry leaders from across the country came together during the charitable event. The event’s purpose is to recognize the accomplishments of those who create new freedoms for people with a disability. Notably, the night’s most prestigious award went to Adam Kissiah, who won a World Ability Award for his invention, the Cochlear Implant.

About the World Ability Award Presentation

Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell was a survivor of the September 11 Terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Also, he is the Deputy Superintendent of the Bureau of Strategy and Accountability of the Chicago Police Department. During the prestigious event, Lt. Birdwell presented the World Ability Award for an Individual to Adam Kissiah, Jr.

Background on Adam

In the 1960s, Adam Kissiah began to experience hearing loss. As a NASA engineer, he leveraged his education and experience in electronics. He became self-motivated to study and research the disciplines of hearing and acoustics. The Kennedy Space Center Library provided a wealth of sources for detailed study in hearing and acoustics. Through his research and development, he proposed a design for successfully transmitting “intelligence” to the hearing center of the human brain.

Adam Kissiah’s Patent provided the basic engineering specification for all Cochlear Implants. Cochlear implants are surgically implanted electronic hearing devices that restore the ability to hear a sound and understand speech. The implant is a prosthetic replacement that circumvents damaged cells. The device provides direct stimulation to hearing nerve fibers in the inner ear.

Other nominees in this category include Marc Buoniconti, Judy Huemann, Robert Kilbury, and Sam Schmidt.

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