Hearing Loss, Deafness and Cochlear Implant Resources

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List of Resources for the Hearing Impaired

The following resources provide more in-depth information and research on hearing loss, deafness, and technologies such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. Check out this list of hearing loss resources:

Cochlear Implants

The following are websites related to cochlear implants and implantable hearing devices.

  • Top 10 NASA Inventions – HowStuffWorks.com ranks the cochlear implant invented by Adam Kissiah, NASA Engineer, as number 7 on the top 10 list of NASA inventions. It may increase the list over time as the true impact spreads worldwide.
  • Advanced Bionics Corporation – The Advanced Bionics Corporation specializes in implantable, high-technology neurostimulation devices. Their website provides information about employment opportunities, products, and news items.
  • Cochlear Worldwide – Makers of a cochlear implant and a behind-the-ear speech processor.
  • MED-EL Electronics – Enriching the lives of deaf children and adults with modern cochlear implants


Following are resources related to deafness:

  • American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association – A nonprofit association of professionals promoting and participating in support services and rehabilitation delivery for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people.
  • Deaf Linx – Information about deaf culture, meeting the deaf community, technology, sign language, interpreting, education, information for parents, history, poetry, art, linguistics, legal issues, health care
  • Deaf Mall – Deaf-owned and Deaf-related businesses selling deaf technology, deaf education, deaf novelties, deaf books, deaf videos, sign language videos, sign language books, deaf information, deaf events, and deaf recreation
  • The Deaf Resource Library – Online resource material and links intended to inform about deaf communities and resources in the U.S. and Japan
  • DeafTek – Employment opportunities for deaf people and persons
  • Wikipedia: Deaf – A Wikipedia site that explains the terminology behind the word “deaf” and its synonyms.

Hearing Aids

Following are websites with information related to hearing aids:

  • Best Hearing Aids – Retirement Living’s list of the best devices.
  • Ear-Tronics – Hearing Health Care Centers – Manufactures hearing aids, conducts tests, makes aid recommendations, and closely monitors patients’ progress. A 4-year leasing program is available.
  • Jade Hearing Instruments – Manufactures all listening aids, including custom equipment.
  • Memphis Hearing Aid & Audiological Services – Professional audiologist staff provides testing and information regarding types and styles, manufacturer links, and answers to common questions.
  • Rochester Hearing and Speech Center – Audiology and speech pathology information and services; listening devices; information about disorders

Hearing Loss Resources and Other Disorders

Hearing loss resources related to hearing loss and other disorders.

  • Auditory Neuropathy Information – This contains a compilation of all the information on the web dealing with auditory neuropathy, an unusual type of hearing loss that does not necessarily result in deafness.
  • Auditory Neuropathy Listserv – Information about joining an email list for families and professionals interested in the diagnosis of Auditory Neuropathy.
  • Medicinenet.com – MedicineNet has extensive practical articles on various hearing-related subjects. Read about tinnitus, cauliflower ear, ear infections, Eustachian tubes, swimmer’s ear, earwax removal, and much more.
  • Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a non-profit organization with services such as counseling, interpreting, employment counseling, and audiology.


The following are hearing loss resources magazines:

  • American Annals of the Deaf – Features articles on education and related services for the deaf or hard of hearing. Offers abstracts from the current issue, archive, information on reprints, contacts, and submission notices.
  • Deaf Community News – Provides articles and includes listings for closed-captioned movies in Southern California.
  • Deaf Today – News and feature stories concerning deafness. Offers an archive, submission information, links, and contacts.
  • Hearing Health – Publication containing articles on loss and deafness. Features subscription details and current and archived issues.

Deafness Organizations

Following are links to hearing loss resources related to deafness organization websites:

  • Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – An international membership organization and resource center on hearing loss, spoken language approaches, and related issues. It aims to serve as one of the best information and support centers for pediatric hearing loss and the auditory approach.
  • Association of Late Deafened Adults (LDA) comprises the largest group of deaf individuals. This site provides information on late-onset deafness and support available in your area. A national group holds annual conventions, and local groups worldwide offer a more personal support system.
  • Australian Hearing Services – Providing treatment for problems including ear infection and deafness. Government subsidized services, including cochlear implants.
  • Canadian Hard Of Hearing Association (CHHA), British Columbia Chapter – A consumer organization with national, regional, and local structures dedicated to assistance across Canada.
  • Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) International  – A non-profit organization for the adult hearing sons and daughters of deaf parents.
  • Constance Brown Hearing Centers – Provides information concerning types of aids, loss, and anatomy of the ear and FAQs. Lists developmental speech and milestones for infants and children
  • Deaf Native Americans – Links to resource organization for deaf Native Americans.
  • The Deaf Service Center of Southwest Florida – Provides services to promote and advance the quality of life for the deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens of Southwest Florida, including sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, advocacy, and community education.
  • Deafness Research Foundation – America’s only voluntary health organization committed to curing and preventing hearing loss and making lifelong health a national priority.
  • Deafnet Association serves the deaf community of Western Maryland, the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, South Central Pennsylvania, and North Western Virginia. Includes services, news, resources, and contact details.
  • Defeating Deafness – The UK’s only national medical research charity for hearing-impaired people. Includes news, research, and information.
  • Michigan Deaf and Hard of Hearing People is a Michigan state-wide coalition of agencies and organizations working together to improve accessibility and services.
  • Hearing and Speech Center of Florida – Information and education about children and adults. Includes an overview of services provided, FAQs, news, and message boards.
  • Helen Keller Foundation Includes details about the organization, research, education, testimonials, contributions, and contact information.
  • Irish Art and Cultural Society of the Deaf – Provides information about the Society and general deaf and cultural information. It links other sites and includes a section for learning Irish sign language.
  • Listen-Up Specializes in providing information for deaf children and their families –
  • Music and the Deaf – Promotes enjoyment of music and the performing arts to the hearing-impaired community. Details of workshops, school projects, signed theatrical performances throughout the United Kingdom, and their instrument lending library.
  • The National Association of the Deaf – NAD is a non-profit organization that empowers Deaf Individuals. This site covers much of what the NAD believes in and the opportunity to become a member. Members have their section with weekly articles and other perks.
  • National Center on Deafness is a non-profit organization that provides support services to post-secondary students who are deaf and the deaf community at large.
  • The National Deaf Children’s Society is a charity for deaf children in the United Kingdom.

Sign Language Directories

The following are websites with information related to Sign Language Directories:

  • ASL Dictionary – List of signs organized alphabetically and by the corresponding lesson. From the Lifeprint Institute
  • About American Sign Language Article by Karen Nakamura. Includes linguistics of ASL, the status as a foreign language, and warnings against the exclusive use of dictionaries to learn ASL
  • American Sign Language (ASL) is a foreign language. It is a thorough petition/research paper/argumentative paper with references. Petitioning for the consideration of ASL as a foreign language. A good starting point for anyone trying to convince their school that ASL meets the requirements of a foreign language
  • American Sign Language – Linguistic Research Project – Linguistic research on ASL structure at Boston University. Includes information about publications and development of software to facilitate linguistic annotation and analysis of video data
  • HandSpeak – ASL dictionary compiled from Deaf World Web’s Sign of the Day feature. Animated black and white photos. Alternative translations for English words with several signed equivalents
  • SignBank – Sign language databases in Sutton signwriting.
  • Signing Savvy is a sign language resource website.

Other Resources

From Zero to Adam and Eve in Fourteen Billion Years – Investigate Life’s Biggest Mystery – The book investigates two dichotomous theories on the creation of the universe. Namely, interpretations of the creation according to the Bible’s book of Genesis and the creation according to the scientific record of evolution.

The book investigates and parallels a sequential scientific account of the birth and formation of the universe with the Genesis account of creation in the New American Standard Bible, including the creation and evolution of mankind from time zero to the present time. Read an insightful investigation of why evolution and creation theories are true from both a scientific and creative point of view. 

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