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Adam Kissiah developed an implantable hearing device (now known as the cochlear implant) that has resulted in restored hearing for hundreds of thousands of individuals and allowed thousands of others born deaf to perceive sound for the very first time. (See United States Patent # 4,063,048 – Reissue 31,031). 

This website is dedicated to increasing awareness about Adam Kissiah’s work on the implantable hearing device and serves as a resource for information related to cochlear implants, cochlear devices, implantable hearing devices, and hearing loss.

Our website provides information on the following:

  • Cochlear Implants
  • Hearing Articles
  • Hearing Loss News
  • Hearing Products – Includes such products as hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, hearing books, etc.
  • Hearing Resources – Includes websites, discussion forums and reference documents related to hearing, hearing loss, and cochlear implants

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